UNOTable NFT's

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May 20, 2022 – May 27, 2022





Hello again UNOTable, sh4d0 here.

It seems we are not only starting one project but two.

However the genre's are quite different between these two projects. it really depends on your style. However that's irrelevant

This is about UNOTable NFT's 

Our art style is somewhat different than from mainstream NFT's but that doesn't phase us in anyway.

I will mention that there will be no whitelist. Everyone is gonna have the same price for equal chances, we believe in equality. Equal for everyone in short.

simply put we make art, that will provide benefits to people who mint our NFT's however for now it's just art.

Sale Price 0.002 - 0.3 ETH 

Blockchain will be Etherum / Polygon for now just Polygon.

Me and sh4d0 will be answering most questions so if you have any feel free to join the discord server.

Will have a wide range of NFT's.

There is also an ongoing giveaway so join quickly.

I'll see you there


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