Unleashed Platinum Boss Genesis Mint

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August 07, 2022 – August 14, 2022





Unleashed Platinum, a high fashion company releasing their first NFT collection. Unleashed platinum NFT project, like platinum, aspires to represent these same ideas of durability, prestige, and purity. They are creating the world's first high fashion art gallery in the metaverse.

This project brings together a number of well-known producers to develop one of a kind NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Forget Gucci, Louis Vuitton, come check out unleashed platinum, our goal is to become crypto’s art world's face of high fashion in web3 !.

Our community has been rapidly growing over the past few weeks gaining support from big-time celebrities and influencers such as Souljaboy, NBA players and many more!

On August 7th at 3 pm UTC, our first collection the Boss Genesis will be released. This collection will be very limited and will have a purchase price of 0.09 Ethereum which is around 150$ USD. This will give you a huge return on your investment down the road and the ability to start tapping into the insane rewards/utilities immediately! 

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