Uncertain Times by Enisaurus

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July 06, 2021 – July 07, 2021






On July 6th, a dinosaur with a computer aka Enisaurus drops the ‘Uncertain Times’ NFT Collection on Crypto.com.

Enisaurus is passionate about illustration, animation, and unconventional stories. Nature, art, and pop culture have greatly influenced his artistic style.

Enisaurus can boast of a long list of brands he has collaborated with. It includes Adobe, Twitter, DoorDash, Converse, Disney, Shake Shack, Pepsi, Harvard, The Washington Post, BMW, Dropbox, and others.

‘Uncertain Times’ NFT Collection by Enisaurus shows the artist’s vision of the world we are living in. It’s about the evolution of humanity, the complexity of love and hate, boundaries about good and bad, and, of course, the businesses behind all of that.

Each artwork by Enisaurus is full of details to examine and deep senses to discover. Do not miss his NFT Collection dropping on July 6th!

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