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January 23, 2023 – January 30, 2023









ULAND founded in 2021 is a one of a kind MetaVerse Strategy Game. Built on exciting blockchain technology, ULAND is leveraging the best of NFTs, Gaming, Web3, and Crypto to bring you a MetaVerse, unlike any other.

We are excited to release our first crucial game piece: Heroes! This is the first generation of ULAND Heroes (the embodiment of your character and avatar), who are used to explore our upcoming virtual land HEX Plots and battle in our PVP Battle Arena OR trade them on the open market. This Explorer Class will have 3 base Models: Male, Female and Robotic. Each Hero you mint is unique and will be generated from millions of distinct Explorer Themed attributes to give your Avatar its individual identity and rarity.

One of the first MetaVerses to enable Cross-chain compatibility: The 1st Gen of ULAND Heroes will have a limited release of 3333 on ETH. Whilst these Heroes may exist on the ETH Network, they can cross over to our BNB-based ULAND Game.

Furthermore, ULAND Heroes are designed to be Dynamic. In the future, you’ll be able to ‘unequip’ each attribute within your Hero Inventory and trade or sell them individually!! This takes NFTs to another level of actual customisation and the ability to create your own rarity.

At ULAND we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box and challenging what is capable with Web3, blockchain and smart contracts. Only through pushing the limits can we bring you to the next level of strategy gaming in the MetaVerse on the blockchain.

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