Two Hearts, One Soul

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May 22, 2023 – May 29, 2023





"Two Hearts, One Soul" is a collection that explores the eternal and unbreakable bond between sisters. Inspired by the beauty of diversity, this editorial features sisters of different ethnicities who share a deep connection that transcends physical differences.

Each piece is a celebration of sisterhood, with a focus on capturing the unique qualities that make each sister's bond special. From the unspoken understanding that comes from a shared history to the joy of discovering new experiences together, the collection explores the depth and complexity of sisterly love. The muted color palette reflects the subtlety and nuance of sisterly love, with florals that symbolize the natural and dynamic nature of the bond.

As an artist and photographer, I believe that diversity is essential to any meaningful exploration of the human experience. That's why this collection features sisters of different ethnicities and backgrounds, whose unique perspectives and experiences contribute to a richer, more nuanced understanding of sisterhood.

Through "Two Hearts, One Soul," I hope to inspire viewers to celebrate the connections that make us human, to embrace the beauty of diversity, and to recognize the power of love that transcends all boundaries

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