Tulip Bear by fnnch

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June 16, 2021 – June 18, 2021






On June 16th, muralist, street artist, and fine artist fnnch drops his ‘Tulip Bear’ NFT Collection on MakersPlace.

The murals by fnnch adorn the walls of a lot of cities across the globe: San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Tel Aviv, and Hong Kong.

The artist’s style is “contemporary pop art”, and the signature Honey Bear is the hallmark of his art. It’s high time fnnch entered the NFT Universe!

Every Tulip Bear dropping on MakersPlace is an Asset-Backed Token. It is exchangeable for a physical painting, and vice versa.

“The exchange is totally optional — enjoy as a digital artwork or a physical artwork — all of which can be done at any time, and goes in both directions” – tells the artist.

fnnch believes that his concept pushes the boundaries of security, convenience, and commerce capabilities of the blockchain. Besides, it also secures the value of all Tulip Bears with a physical painting.

“My hope here is to give you the best of both worlds. In its physical form, it is exactly like my other paintings. If you want the painting for your wall, buy the token and immediately exchange it” – writes fnnch on Instagram.

Mark your calendars for June 16th not to miss the ‘Tulip Bear’ NFT Collection by fnnch!

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