A Touch of Death by José Delbo x Anna Zhilyaeva

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June 17, 2021 – June 18, 2021





Renowned illustrator, one of the most prolific comic book artists José Delbo and immersive artist Anna Zhilyaeva teamed for an NFT drop. On June 17th, they drop ‘A Touch of Death’ NFT Collection on MakersPlace.

A Touch of Death is the latest story by José Delbo of his infamous Death character. Thanks to Anna Zhilyaeva, the world will see it in a brand new way. An interesting fact: Anna herself appears in her pieces, but not alone! Joined in VR is José Delbo himself!

A live performance collaboration between two incredibly talented artists is really worthy of your attention. Add the drop to your calendars not to miss when ‘A Touch of Death’ goes live!

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