Toon Town NFT

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March 05, 2022 – March 12, 2022





ToonTown is a community orientated NFT collection. ToonTown is the (meta)world which the characters will inhabit and call home. The first inhabitants of ToonTown are the Loons, a diverse bunch of creatures who have escaped the loonie bin in search for freedom and a home. They are the first creatures to stumble into ToonTown.

Mint Structure:

- OG sale: 1 free mint and 1 at mint price (0.059e)
- Presale sale: 2 per wallet (0.059e)
- Public sale: 5 per transaction (0.069e)

Automatic Presale sports for different blue chip projects (BAYC, MAYC, Lazy Lions, Cryptoon Goonz,… etc)

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