Toadles NFT

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January 14, 2022 – January 21, 2022



Welcome to Toadles - a derivative NFT project. Our goal is the make a simple and effective derivative community that combines top projects, fun art, and a powerful DAO that rewards holders. The Toadles artwork combines Doodles and CrypToadz. It is the first of many derivative art combinations.

Future drops could be Doodfellaz….BoredMories…KaijuCats…. The community will decide.

The project is simple. The majority revenue from the mint will go into a treasury used to buy NFTs in which it is a derivative of. In this case, buying Doodles and CrypToadz. This act alone will drive the value of the treasury up. Holders of Toadles will become members of DerivaDao - which will determine the fate of the treasury. The community could vote to sell and distribute gains to holders, or invest gains in a new project, or something new all together. Toadles is the project that will bring likeminded holders together. The community will shape the future of the project. We strongly believe that Toadles and DerivaDao and this community will make a considerable impact in the NFT space. Join us!

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