Time is Running Out NFT

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November 06, 2022 – November 13, 2022





"Time is Running Out" is Project Maybe's first Sci-Fi NFT collection of time travelers, aka Time Heros: TIROS from the 2060. Minting November 6th at 0.02 ETH. It is a collection of randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with time travel themed staking, dynamic NFT art (dNFT), online game, Time Machine on the Metaverse, along with other amazing utilities.

TIROS are human clones led by a group of scientists in the Year 2060 who tries to restore the balance in spacetime by traveling to Year 2030 and bringing back $HIGGS to replenish its supplies in 2060. They also told some of their old selves in the Year 2030 about time travel and $HIGGS, and this was how the time machine was invented.


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