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February 13, 2022 – February 20, 2022





A server where being humbele is appreciated. a defi Driven by the Community. Seed will be the NFTS and project kicks off with right after 10% sales Come and join TheContagion and have a look at deFi from a different perspective. TheContagion is a friendly community that has only just opened the server to public! We have 9k Nfts that will be dropped in 3 Mints and make you money every month. "Trust is earned and give a chance to usthan see what respect in a community looks like." Fully Transparent team with daily Roadmap and actions log. NFTs and all the details are ready in server to be dropped by announcement. About 50% of the whole sale and paperhand tax is to be allocated to Community Wallet which initially will be governed by Dev at first. This is going to be DAO in which holders will define the contract. Every action that we will take with these fund will be decided by holders. Initially 10% will be taken to long term staking(bi-monthly income will be added to CW), 10% will never be touched(sitting fund, in case of quick-sell or bot dumps of coins to be allocated to coin contract), 9% will be given back to holders via events, 10% to be transferred to coin contract and the last %10 will be decided by the community on where to be invested. (new project and Coins) Mint Date: TBA (very soon) Mint Price: TBA Diamond List Status : 40% off presale, 2 per wallet ( only in server ) Whitelist List Status : 20% off presale, 3 per wallet - through various channels. We have many more giveaways! We also will be doing money giveaways for Diamond listed people. 3 eth will be dropped in multiple giveaways in server.

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