The Ultimate Dwight

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May 16, 2022 – May 23, 2022





The Ultimate Dwight NFT is a 7500p project based on the Ethereum Network. We have insane giveaways and insane utility. We are very community based and will be using a functional DAO, with giveaways triggering every 10% starting at 0% and entry is just verifying in the discord! Website and Whitepaper are live, with our team being fully doxed. Whitelist is granted a 20% discount on Public sale price. Our total giveaway/investment into the DAO from us will total $1 Million AUD. All our giveaways grant over 1000 prizes one of these giveaways include: 100ETH pool with min. win being 0.1 (Cost of investment), 20 Winners being flown and accommodated to USA; Scranton and NY, $30,000 in Charity Giveaways, Merch pack giveaways, 400 winner giveaway @50 % (Apple watches, air pods, gift cards, subscriptions), $100k Metaverse land purchase of YOUR choice within the community, 3x Dwight Schrute Pop! Funko complete set & office box set G/A, 30 winners Personalised NFT’s made by us for you. And our utility follows along with it, as we are offering many options to earn a ROI, such as Metaverse land purchase that DAO decides how to operate and possibly earn passive income, future staking NFT for our Crypto token, and more project this year that will be linked, and minting this NFT will grant you a discount across all our future projects! If you wish to sell your Dwight for whatever reason, we are buying up $50,000 AUD on buying up the floor on Opensea of The Dwight NFT’s for sale, meaning we will buy whatever the cheapest Dwight’s are until we spend $50,000 and then put that into the Community wallet.

We are here to stay and we want The Ultimate Group to be  THE NFT project to watch and be a part of! We have many socials and YouTube for videos about our project and NFTs in general! We hope to see you soon!


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