The Sorcerer's Society

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April 09, 2023 – April 16, 2023





Welcome to the Sorcerer's Society NFT Collection - a unique project featuring 6,000 exclusive and rare NFTs stored on the Polygon blockchain. Each NFT possesses a unique trait called Magic Points (MP) based on its rarity, the C2E system allows users to collect NFTs and earn magic points(MP). The leaderboard tracks the top 100 collectors of magic points(MP), and users can increase their ranking by collecting more NFTs and accumulating more magic points(MP). The higher a user's ranking, the greater their chances of winning prizes. The project has a series of giveaways with a total prize pool of 25000 MATIC for the top magic points(MP) collectors. Join our whitelist now to receive a free NFT before minting!

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