The next instalment of Twenty Five Crypto Caps

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December 15, 2021 – December 22, 2021





The Crypto Cap Collection now stands at 225/999 Bottle Caps released, with 25 more coming out this week!

This unique project boasts an original idea that no other project can compare. Digi Caps is a project for the FUTURE! We have an incredible roadmap planned out that we will see through to the end!

With every cap purchased from the Crypto Cap Collection, you get a free undercap NFT with added bonuses.

Coming up, we have a 9,999 Digi Caps Raider avatar set that will blow you away! 

Owning a cap grants you presale access to this and all future colelctions, as well as membership to the website to will give you access to member only merch, sneak peaks, as well as additional story and lore.

Having generated an entire world to base this on, there's an incredible amount of scope to build on the project and keep on developing our unique ideas.

Visit the website and see why this is a project to believe in! We're not just here for a quick win, we're here to make something incredible!

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