The Invincible Nerd - Wave 1

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November 08, 2022 – November 15, 2022





The invincible nerd is a ginger hair guy born from the mind of the artist He-Mark. This character represents the stereotype of the classic nerd with thick glasses, funny shirts with pens in the pocket, fancy gadgets, and a big smile.

Why this big smile? Because he’s proud to be a nerd. He likes everything about fantasy, sci-fi, and cosplays. He’s the perfect companion for role-playing games. He enjoys life with the eye of a dreamer. There are 2.500 nft available for the first wave of the invincible nerd.

Every variant has also proper stamina, health, and mana value. Choose the most invincible nerd! If you wonder why I choose this kind of character, it’s simple, i’m a nerd too ;)

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