The Goberts Getaway

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





The Goberts Getaway Due to the mining work on the blockchain a gantry was open to the fourth dimension: the home of the Goberts, a kindly,nice and very smart creatures who want to escape from the Rarity Hunters who wants them for the luck they provide to his owners if you treat them nicely but the Hunters kill them. The Goberts are using this new dimension portal to run away and hide on the Ethereum blockchain, now they are disguise as the beings who live there with the only goal to bring luck and fortune to the people who adopt and take care of them.  

 - First phase - 500 Goberts - 0.02 ETH - 22-02-2022

- Second phase - 2500 Goberts - 0.03 ETH

- Third phase - 2500 Goberts - 0.03  ETH

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