The Division Dragon Collection

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January 31, 2022 – February 07, 2022





A collection of punk-esque dragons generated to express the fiery will of nft holders within the crypto, nft and metaverse community.

With that, we have a few processes and projects in place ( games, airdrops, fitness programs etc ) that will reward dragon holders in a variety of methods.
In collaboration with memegimon, a "Digimon" style battle game within bsc , we will reward holders and minters with utilities, services and exclusive vip spots in the early launching of the game by april!

We are also giving away 10 airdrops for those who shares and joins our social media channels (ig, discord, twitter etc). Each nft airdrop is worth at least 0.05eth.

Get your nfts now, be prepared and get on board soon for the big upcoming game launch!

We are the dragon division, conquering the polygon blockchain.

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