The Crater Faces

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June 01, 2022 – June 08, 2022






Whitelist opens 3/23/22. Join Discord and drop your wallet address!

Pre-sale blooms: 5/16/22 10 am EDT. On the night of the Flower Moon.

Public sale: 6/1/22 10 am EDT

Price: 150 MATIC

Supply: 5000


The Crater Faces dwell in the deepest corners of space, where black holes contain secrets of the unknown like the pores locking away the microscopic memories of our daily travels.

This secret gang of celestial hooligans rules and revolves around planets with the persistence of that one pimple on your back that you just can't seem to reach.

Thousands of these scallywags have been captured by the salicylic telescope. Now, astro-dermatologists say they are coming right for us and need to be dispatched. We tried to divert some with mirrors, but they just exploded right into them, breaking apart into smaller divisions of themselves. In order for our civilization to survive, we must capture and contain the Crater Faces.

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