The Chainsmokers NFTs Timed to the New Album

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May 18, 2022 – May 22, 2022




The renowned American EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers are launching the NFT initiative to reward their huge fanbase with royalties. Thus, Alexander 'Alex' Pall and Andrew 'Drew' Taggart behind the music production duo are offering 5,000 NFTs, granting their most avid fans 1% of sales of the musicians' latest album, titled So Far So Good.

Although major music industry players have been selling their albums as NFTs so far, none of them has ever rewarded their fans with 1% of royalties from the whole album sales. 

We’re trying to go deeper than wider with our fan base with this new album,” Drew Taggart commented on the NFT Drop. 

The Chainsmokers have processed a huge amount of data from concert ticket sales, attendees of live streams, Discord channel active users, and beyond to identify the 5,000 of their most devoted fans. Those lucky ones will be airdropped 1 NFT each, which grants them a life-long passive income of 1% from The Chainsmokers' album global sales.

But that's not all. The NFT holders will also be rewarded with exclusive access to “The Chainsmokers’ Discord channel, and opportunities to meet with the duo directly.

"When you own one of these tokens, you will get a portion of the master streaming royalty rights in all 13 tracks on 'So Far So Good,' which means you'll earn royalties alongside us. We’re also planning giveaways, surprises and priority access to tickets, merch, and events to support this incredible community," The Chainsmokers claimed with excitement.

Those who were listed for the giveaway will receive notifications on a quarterly or semi-annual basis about when they receive a payment. In case of selling the token, the smart contract will bring 7.5% of the proceeds back to The Chainsmokers, which they promise to the songwriters behind So Far So Good.

The new album is scheduled to release on May 13th, while the lucky ones will be airdropped their tokens a few days later, on May 18th, with the help of the Royal NFT platform on the Polygon blockchain. Notably, no gas fees will be charged. Are you one of the lucky ones? Check it out on The Chainsmokers' Discord server.

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