The Babies

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April 01, 2022 – April 08, 2022





5,555 Babies awaken in a labratory. In time, the curious will need to make a decision. All of “The Babies” will earn credits while “staked” in the Biosphere, which can be used in the outside world to evolve, mature, breed and/or transcend.
Which will you choose?

The Babies is an ever-evolving NFT art collection, that will maintain a fixed supply of NFTs, but allows users to evolve, mutate, age, breed, and more. The Babies supply will only decrease through breeding, and never increase. With Game Theory, stakers will earn tokens and have a choice for what to do as time goes by. Age to an adolescent, or adult? Breed, or take an unknown medicine yielding some unknown result? The choice is all yours.

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