The anger of bees

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April 12, 2022 – April 19, 2022





The project came out from the inspiration of wanting to transform an artistic installation "La Rabbia Delle Api", exhibited in Ibiza and London, into a digital work. The study of drawings is done entirely by hand on paper. Digital designs begin to come to life through the use of Photoshop and Pixart. CONCEPT OF THE NFT WORK "LA RABBIA DELLE API" Bees carry pollen, sowing life. Men are destroying them! Their anger, to save the world, transforms them into Super Bees inspired by super heroes: Ken the Warrior, Goku, Hulk and Wonder Woman, the Queen Bee! They no longer disperse pollen but spread couples of eyes that are useful to open the minds of human beings to regain the world. Helping them in the human world are a woman and a man, The Goddess of Color and The Damned Artist. WHAT YOU CAN BUY: The NFT bees, which will be of eight Levels, the NFTs Let's Open Your Eyes and the NFT Goddess Of Color And Damned Artist! The inspiration to associate eyes with the Super Bees generates an idea of a fundraiser. From the total sale of the NFTs, 30%, excluding bonuses and gases, will be given to charity to a visually impaired or blind person, sought during the 2022 sale, by Somatera association (If not tracked, the 30% bonus will be distributed among NFT collectors). 50% will be used for the NFT 2023 project where there will be add new utilities to the NFT. The remaining 20% will go to cover the outgoings and the work sustained. The project aims to sell the project itself to start the crypto art path and spread a message of help to the planet and be able to support someone less fortunate than us.


Tags: #art

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