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July 06, 2022 – July 13, 2022





The 11th Universe and the Gods of Football

 The 11th Universe beyond the far horizon... The Universe of Football...

A dimension where time is rewinded every 90 minutes, and space is like a stadium stretching into infinity... The fundamental force in the 11th Universe is the Energy of Football, and the guardians of this universe are known as the Gods of Football. One of their key goals of these gods is to spread and expand this force to other universes.

 The Gods of Football discovered and visited Earth many years ago while traveling between galaxies. During this visit, they gifted the people of Earth special balls of energy made up of the Energy of Football. Thus, the Energy of Football spread across the planet and led to the creation of the eponymous game.

 Over the years, as football turned into a great passion for humanity, the Energy of Football became the greatest force on Earth and in our galaxy. The Energy of Football gave special powers and abilities to players, and this newfound force created by the Energy of Football shone bright like an immense star, visible even from distant universes.

The Gods of Football, impressed by this display of force, contacted humanity once again.

This time, they chose NFTs as their method of communication.

 Now, in order to bring balance to the Energy of Football fueled and evolved by the humanity, the Gods of Football are on their way to our galaxy for an epic showdown with the 22-strong team of Earth All-Stars, called the “Invincibles”.

 You can play a part in this scenario with the NFTs of the Gods of Football…

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