Teds Retirement Club

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December 18, 2021 – December 25, 2021





Retirement Plan


Phase 1 Q4 2021

 Ted’s Retirement Club Birth

 Discord Community Birth

 Social Media Channels

 Community Giveaways (ongoing


- PRESALE 22 December

1800 whitelist spots, max 3 mints per wallet 

First giveaway of 2 ETH to 1 of the first 1000 mints. 

- PUBLIC LAUNCH 23 December

After launch, rewards and giveaways will be distributed to all holders. 

40 ETH (!!) in total giveaways during launch day. See more in 


REVEAL TIME 25 December

- All Ted’s comes to life. An obvious date, for obvious reasons. 

- 69 Board Members get known. The 1% club. 

- Retirement Fund created. 100 ETH in total. Will be used for Ted’s dividends to holders.

- Community Wallet created. 40 ETH

The Board invites all Ted holders for the first shareholders meeting in discord after completed launch. It’s decision time. 

Phase 2 - Q1 2022

- Ted’s Retirement Club opens up for the first community decision. 

- It's now minimum of 100 ETH. + 50% of secondary sales in the Retirement fund. 

- Decision time about how to distribute and handle the fund for Ted holders. 

Phase 3 - Q2 2022

It’s time for the first shareholder dividends…. To get access to the dividends you need to have owned 1 Ted for a minimum of 1 month before shareholder dividends day. 

1 Ted is one share. With exceptions for the super rare 69 board members, who have 10 shares EACH. 

After the long awaited shareholder dividends day it’s time for the community to once again come together and decide how the fund will be managed from now on. 

Weekly, monthly, quarterly or early dividends from now on is just one of the decisions that need to be made.....

The community chooses the PATH 

Phase 4** 

That's all Ted wanted to plan on his own. The next part of the journey is going to be planned 100% with the community.

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