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June 26, 2022 – July 03, 2022





Tanjea is a blockchain based mobile game that aims to change the gaming industry by allowing players to earn an ERC20 cryptocurrency, $TNJ, for playing their favourite mobile games.

Across the globe, people are searching for new ways to monetize their free time. Tanjea offers a solution to this in the form of playing a fun mobile game with dynamic earning potential. The mobile gaming industry is growing at an increasingly rapid rate. However, the issue with most mobile games and the development philosophies behind them is that the majority of the value in the game economy is owned by game companies. Tanjea aims to flip that narrative on its head by giving players full control and ownership of their NFT assets, and ensuring that the value in the Tanjea ecosystem benefits the players.

Ultimately, it is the players who drive value in a game's economy and so it is the players who should benefit from the success of the game. Thus, most of the TNJ tokens will be reserved for players to win by competing throughout Tanjea's eight kingdoms. Tanjea will be a strategy game where players explore expansive territories to capture rare NFT creatures, compete in daily competitions within mobile mini-games to win TNJ, and battle with their NFTs to collect resources. 

Our team is fully doxxed with personal links in our Discord.

See our link tree URL to view our whitepaper, article features, + more: https://linktr.ee/tanjea

Mint takes place June 26th. Be sure to join our discord for awesome giveaways and competitions and to also stay up to date on Tanjea! 

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