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August 31, 2023 – September 07, 2023





SZN One is a utility-first digital football community, providing a digital asset to football fans with real-world benefits.

The project aims to create a deeper connection between football fans and the players and teams that they love. Giving fans the opportunity to access match tickets, real-life events, and sought-after exclusive merchandise such as match-worn shirts is just one part of the SZN ONE utility. 

SZN ONE members will be able to collect virtual ‘attribute cards’, which will be issued in a digital format through the SZN ONE website. Ownership of these exclusive virtual cards will enable holders to qualify for rewards, and will grant priority access once the digital Fan Pass & Access Pass are launched for sale. These cards will be available via the website, and will require members to complete a series of challenges.

While a number of existing digital assets focus on moments, SZN ONE’s offering is tailored towards the collection of moments and iconic memorabilia that shape a fans’ journey with their team.

Tickets, match-worn memorabilia, events, Q&As, and more will be available to community members from PRE SZN through to the membership mint later in 2023 and beyond. Over the coming months, members will have an opportunity to purchase the Fan Pass and the Access Pass.

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