Sushi Gang NFT

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November 23, 2021 – November 29, 2021





Sushi Gang NFT is a vast collection of unique Sushi artworks delicately crafted by professional Sushi Chefs. Each Sushi comes with a fusion of more than 200 ingredients designed to perfection.

Unlike any other NFTs, this one-time menu of Japanese concoctions is made with a vision to align with Sushi Gang's values and to expand its Axie Infinity scholarship program while providing economic independence to all. Each sushi is equivalent to a major shift into someone's everyday and you could be the element of change. 

Owning a Sushi is not just owning a random NFT, but it is a key towards giving more opportunities such as financial literacy, empowerment, and network to a much bigger, supportive community, to mention a few.

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