Suckers NFT Launch

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September 30, 2021 – September 30, 2021



7777 deflationary NFT Suckers on Solana getting burned each week until the most resilient survive and end up in a P2E game. On the road, you can expect limited edition collectible toys, comic books, and exciting airdrops. SUCKERS taking over the world.

Did you say deflationary?
Each week we will use 30% of the royalties to buy back the floor price Suckers and burn them forever, making Suckers deflationary and more valuable.

So, is there a mission?
The mission for all Suckers is to find a way to become unwrapped. Then they can be free and live their fullest potential.
Owners of Suckers will get a secret airdrop, which is the start of the unwrapping journey.

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