STRaY Bears Genesis

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January 21, 2022 – January 28, 2022





12500 Moody, cheeky and unruly STRaY Bears are causing chaos on the Blockchain.

The STRaY Bears Project is the first of 5 main projects that make up the entire STRaY Verse. 

We have an Animation Series in development which segue into our second project "The J.I.J", Merch, our own $SNATCH utility token, STA$H Boxes which are free to claim NFT's for our holders that also double as inventory for the STRaY Vs J.I.J game which we are also developing.

We are more than just an NFT project. We are creating an experience and a journey that is well thought out and will last in the memory of our holders.

Our initial phase soft pre launch is over. We have accumulated our Genesis 100 Holders and have paused our contract. Our main phase launch is on 17th January 2022

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