Stakester VIP Cheat Codes

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May 19, 2022 – May 26, 2022





This is Stakester VIP Cheat Codes, a unique NFT project that unlocks a top tier experience on Stakester – the Esports competition app that enables users to play games like FIFA, CoD and Rocket League for money and prizes.

Each pass includes a verified cheat code from one of 1416 games, and will give access to exclusive features on Stakester; like higher prize amounts, access to VIP Chat Rooms and an exclusive prize store – plus unique profile flair.

Available for 0.1 ETH on OpenSea, the collection showcases cheats from your favourite games such as GTA, Doom, The Sims, Metroid, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Donkey Kong and many, many more. Just as cheat codes brought a new dimension to those games, VIP Cheat Codes brings a new edge to your competitive gaming experience.

In a first for an NFT project, Legendary Cheat Code holders will gain access to a 50% share of secondary market royalties received as credit in our upcoming crypto-only app.

With $6m investment already raised, we’re here to change the game. Are you ready to join us?To gain access to the whitelist, join us on Discord before May 13th 👉 and invite 3 friends or boost the server!

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