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April 13, 2022 – April 20, 2022





Neon Wild is a personalized metaverse platform for kids and their families. Each child on the platform gets their very own Sqwizz, a lovable and huggable guide in the Neon Wild. "Neon Wild Presents Sqwizz” is Neon Wild's first NFT collection. It contains 500 unique Sqwizz NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. Each fully animated NFT is packed with magic and utility: - Unique, playable Sqwizz in the Neon Wild platform (launching soon) - Early access token to be one of the first to enter Neon Wild - An incredible community that’s building an inclusive and diverse metaverse for the next generation 2.5% of this first mint will go to Save the Children in Ukraine, with 1% of royalties continually going to charities that benefit children around the world and chosen by the community.

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