Squid Game NFT by The Chain Architect

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December 05, 2021 – December 12, 2021





Squid Game NFT Ultimate Collection by The Chain Architect — the most extensive and encyclopedic precise collection of Squid Game ever created. 

This collection consists of 500 digitally hand-drawn NFTs of the Squid Game story. Presence of all Players, VIPs, Staff and significant Items makes it THE ULTIMATE NFT COLLECTION. Emotions, special moments and expressions are locked in the visual representation of each character in the signature art style of The Chain Architect.

Sale is live - December 5th at 12:00am (CST). No presale available. Offers that have been placed before sale launch and are higher than the listing price will be automatically accepted during launch. Make sure you made your offer beforehand.

Don't miss your chance to participate in 5 ETH Giveaway until December 7th. Please check details in Discord.

Owners of the Squid Game NFTs will have access to unique activities in Discord channel, and will be exclusively invited to the presentation and presale of the 2nd out of 10 collection by The Chain Architect.

The works of The Chain Architect are already owned by NFT Community leaders Farokh, Andrew Wang, DCinvΞstor and others! Check out Discord to find out more.

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