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December 14, 2021 – December 16, 2021





Dive into the distant year 2563 to see the future of Earth and fight in the most epic battle in the NFT-community.
Choose your side in a world where the planet’s territories are divided up between warring clans. Acquire one or more of the 4444 Squadrons: cybernetically enhanced humans, the perfect warriors, go through a training phase and gather up your troops.
Gear up for battle! Take part in the Game-changer event, the biggest battle of all, where thousands of mercenaries are set to die. The outcome of the battle decides the fate of the lore and unlocks new digital opportunities.
Go through the reincarnation stage: turn Squadrons into Conductors and become part of the massive release of our unique platform.
We launch on 12/14 at 2:00 AM UTC.

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