Sound Glasses Collection

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April 01, 2022 – April 08, 2022





N-ZTON's latest work uses their music inspired by a multitude of electronic and urban genres and 3D art to invoke their story and vision.

Sound Glasses is a digitally rendered animation, inspired by the first 3D anaglyph glasses, created in collaboration with Ruben Mitrani, a hyper-realistic 3D filmmaker specializing in astonishingly luxury objects design. 

This work explores the relationship between the artwork, the artist and his public by suggesting an analogy where the artist becomes the spectator. He holds the vision, through these glasses of the astounding energy released by his audience during an event. The power of emotions that the public feels then becomes the piece of art itself. 

The staging, the lighting and the ultra-realistic aspect of these 3D glasses, originally conceptualized by the music duo N-ZTON, powerfully and rhythmically synchronize their hybrid music and vision, blurring the line between the artist and their own work.

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