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January 30, 2022 – February 06, 2022



Welcome to the Sneakerheads Metaverse! Collection of 3.333 unique and stylish 3D NFT's.

SNEAKERHEADS are a collection of 3,333 randomly generated SNEAKERHEADS which are stored on Solana blockchain.
The characters are made with more than 300 custom designed characteristics and with around 100 unique sneakers with ability to create around 15 million absolutely unique combinations.
Each Sneakerhead is non-sequentially minted and provably unique. To more Art check out our sneak peeks Gallery.
vPossessing our NFT is not just owning a cool 3D Art and having a chance to be a part of the SNEAKERHEADS Community it’s many more scroll to Road Map to find out…

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