Slug Galaxy

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October 02, 2022 – October 09, 2022





A Private Collection of 888 Slugs living in Polygon

Welcome to the NFT Slug Galaxy Project.

If you decide to be part of the project you will not regret it, it will be a wise decision.

We already feel the enthusiasm of the community and we know that it will continue to grow from now on. As stated in our roadmap, we do not see Slug Galaxy as a standard NFT project. We prefer to see it as a future emerging organization that will be managed with the participation of the community.

We are still growing, but i am convinced that great things await us.

Made by me in digital design. (10% Sales will go to charity)

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PROJECT FOR INVESTORS PROFIT Each Tier will have different prices to make sure Investor's Profit & Floor. Prices: 1-200 =0.005 Prices: 201-400 =0.008 Prices: 401-600 =0.01 Prices: 601-800= 0.05 801-888: Marketing.

If you are part of the whitelist you can access to buy in advance and for a lower price.


31/03/2022: Start creating NFT models

21/04/2022: Looking for a Charity to destiny % sales

01/06/2022: WP-OWNERS Benefits

24/07/2022: Finish creating 888 NFT's models

11/08/2022: Start Marketing and giveaways social media, Discord

02/10/2022: NFT Start Minting on opensea

 ?/?/?? Season 1 is SOLD OUT and 10% has been send to charity.

 ?/?/?? START SEASON 2

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