Silverback Rhino's are coming for you

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June 29, 2022 – August 05, 2022





Silverback Rhino’s Project

No "Boring" story here, and we are not "ape'ing"around. The year is 2800 A.D. Planet X, a "quirkie" alien planet with similarities to earth, had been under attack. With a population fleeing from the war and certain destruction in large spaceships...

°Phase 1 2800 Unique & Rare Nft's

°Phase 2 1600 (to be confirmed) very special Nft's (Phase 1 holders preference)

°Bonus mints (10-50) unique 1 of 1 artworks with high rarity

● 4 phase project (roadmap)

● awesome community giveaways

● big charts focus donations

● liquidity reserves & community funds

● Plans for metaverse & Utility projects

● Building stronger community & Trust

● Listings on Nft sites

● Investment building for holders

● Eth floor buy back to increase floor price

● ongoing development & support, project & Investment analysis

● release of bonus mints & very exclusive limited edition & 1 of 1 arts

■ phase white list - Earlier you get in, easier it is to WL

Plans for Road map 2

Plans for holding site & an exclusive, elite nft collectors & other projects club

There will be future projects, each with their own unique style & utility

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