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October 26, 2023 – November 02, 2023





Shiba Crypto Club is an NFT project consisting of different characters from Shiba Inu dogs. Dogs are wonderful and lovable animals and a symbol of loyalty.

Shiba Crypto NFT is a collection of 8,888 attractive and cool NFTs of Shiba Inu. These NFTs are written code and registered on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the Shiba Crypto community, lovable Shiba Inu dogs want to introduce their owners to the new and wonderful world of the metaverse. Would you like to own one or more loyal Shiba Inu dogs and experience the new world?


  • The development and progress of the project in various fields (Metaverse, P2E, token creation, …) which will be done with seriousness will make Shiba NFTs valuable, which can be a good investment and have a good profit for their holders.
  • We will grow our brand, and we’ll constantly be looking for ways to increase the value of your investment and provide a positive and long term experience
  • Creation of a powerful community in the real world and the new world of Metaverse.
  • Experiencing and enjoying the Shiba Metaverse world.

Presale: 0.018 ETH - 07:00 UTC, Oct 26, 2023
Pubilc: 0.028 ETH - 07:00 UTC, Oct 27, 2023

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For more information about the utility and roadmap, we invite you to join our Discord server.

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