Shattered Island

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April 01, 2022 – April 08, 2022





“Shattered Island” are 20 world-exclusive land-based pictures of the lost "Tonga Volcano".

Come and watch our 1-minute teaser on this link

While on a sailing trip in the Pacific Ocean, we had the unique opportunity to land this place in 2017. It was then the youngest place on Earth, and we became the first explorers to be officially allowed the access by Tonga Kingdom. 

Thanks to a collaboration with NASA itself, this journey got a huge media coverage : National Geographic, New York Times, BBC, Science News, and much more.

But at this time, the place was totally unknown.
Few years passed.
This year 2022, the whole island disappeared in a fire cataclysm and became world famous.

Imagine ! For the very first time in NFT era, an entire island has been blown-away by a massive volcanic eruption. Virtually nobody walked on it, and nobody will ever do. With those absolutely unique pictures engraved onto the blockchain, “Shattered Island” is taking the concept of “Burnt BANKSY” to the next level !

And the story is not over. This volcano is still very active and unpredictable, and a new page of its life could be written soon or later.

The collection will be released on OpenSea in the next weeks.
In a tribute to the tremendous forces that were growing inside the volcano, the first NFTs to be sold will be the ones depicting the base of the island. Slowly but steadily, the pressure and the price of the next NFTs will rise until reaching the summit and the final explosion !

Each NFT has some specific traits.

Oh ! By the way, if you wonder : the story is 100% organic, and you can check by yourself the veracity through all the links and information from the website. If you want to know more and discuss with us, you are more welcomed to contact us by email, Discord, Twitter, etc.

TEASING BONUS : a small second collection will be issued, with a very different kind of NFT. Combined with a piece from “Shattered Island” and thanks to unlockable content, you will get the exclusive right to claim you own REAL piece of the lost island !

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