Shaped Gnomes: Gnome Planet

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April 28, 2022 – May 05, 2022





Gnome Planet is the place where this collection of 666 unique Shaped Gnomes (living in Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain) was born. Hope you join this world! For more info follow us in our social networks.


-666 total Shaped Gnomes.

-Floor price phase 1 -> 0.003

- 5 Super Special Shaped Gnome (Buy one get 3 Shaped Gnomes from Polygon)

-90 listed in phase 1, among them there are 10 special shaped gnomes.

-With the adoption of a special shaped gnome you get 2 free shaped gnomes (from Polygon) (DM to claim).

-The first 10 adopters of the 90 listed shaped gnomes get 1 free shaped   gnome (from Polygon)  (DM to claim).

-First giveaway will be for the 2000 followers on Instagram. 

-Floor price will increase when the phase is over.

-SHAPED GNOMES PART 2 WHEN ALL THE COLLECTION SOLD OUT (holders    will have 1 free nft).

This collection is not a Crypto Punk or a Bored Ape, Shaped Gnomes is very different from the rest because of how bizarre, cute and funny these nfts have.

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