SCROLL, SCROLL! by Jesu Moratiel

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May 09, 2021 – May 10, 2021





On May 9th, a Spanish multidisciplinary artist Jesu Moratiel will release his NFT collection. Titled ‘SCROLL, SCROLL!’, it will drop on

Jesu Moratiel brings together art, technology, humanity, and artificiality, expressively using new digital techniques.The artist explores the impact of digital technologies on our everyday ecosystem. In addition, he investigates the influence of ancient civilizations and science fiction on contemporary culture.

‘SCROLL, SCROLL! NFT drop is two special projects at a time: the music body textures series AND the first digital mausoleum of the world.

Here is a short description of the drop: “Using the interface of Spotify, the drop deeps in the dissolution of the digital and physical borders, the digital aesthetic as a fundamental part of our current imaginary and the overflow of the massive consumption of information”.

Jesu chose Spotify as he considers it the new Alexandria library of music, and calls it “a work of art in itself”.

Add the drop to your calendar! It’s gonna be special!

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