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June 20, 2022 – June 27, 2022





Brussels Blockchain Week Conference Presents:

 “Screenless AR NFT Exhibition” at The Merode

WEB 3.0 Art Experience

Curated by Turboslow NFT Agency & Powered by 

Brussels Blockchain Week Conference is hosting “Screenless AR NFT Exhibition’’ in the heart of Europe on June 21-22. Collection of NFTs designed and curated exclusively for the Conference by Turboslow NFT Agency and powered by NFT Art, WEB 3.0 and Blockchain enthusiasts will get to see 20 outstanding NFT artworks in different living places at The Merode.

The Screenless AR NFT Exhibition consists of AI generated digital art, 3D animations, photography, NFT Fashion movies, music videos and new media. There are 20 selected NFTs, from a variety of disciplines such as fashion, literature, poetry, well-being, entertainment and crypto art. 

The exhibition is curated by Turboslow NFT Agency based in Brussels and powered by based in Amsterdam. The feature of the ‘Screenless AR NFT Exhibition at Brussels Blockchain Week Conference has been designed for the living places such as Lobby Area, Café, Sponsor Room and the Conference Hall at The Merode.

The curator and the art director of the exhibition, Founder of Turboslow NFT Agency, Atil Altas said: ‘‘Our real-world installation emphasizes cosiness and embodiment. The visitors of the Brussels Blockchain Week Conference will experience Belgium oriented NFTs such as food, air, sound and the architecture of Brussels and Antwerp. The softness in the installation is also complemented by the smooth colors prioritized in the hidden NFTs on the walls of The Merode that can be seen easily with a QR Code. Thanks to our tech partner, we have pushed together the boundaries of the WEB AR art experience.’’

Screenless AR NFT Exhibition is aimed at making digital art “accessible, beautiful, inspiring to foster in-person connections and conversations in real life places for now and the future.

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