Rising Limbo

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





Welcome to The RISING LIMBO World. You just arrived in a virtual society. You must have meet this 1140 crypto every day who have something to give you. They come in the form of crypto with different opinions. Though they are currently playing with metamask but they are always free to guide you on the journey . Follow them. We already reveal our phase one and mint 100/1140. Now we are going to mint our phase 2. On phase 2 we will reveal 250 punks. Every punk price will be 0.05 ETH . BY buing a risinglimbo punk you can achive 3 things (read below). 1. For the next 1 year we will giveway 0.1 ETH once a month among the punk owner's 2. We will invest 20% of your money on valuable assets, and you will get 50% profit in return for the next two years. 3. We will donate 10% of your money on environmental organizations across the world.
Your are not going spend money on jpg you are going to invest your money and earn more. Follow us to know more.

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