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April 24, 2022 – May 01, 2022





Rising Baseball Stars’ NFTs to be Launched

Rising Baseball Stars, a digitized baseball trading card pioneer, will launch April 24th, 2022. The company’s mission is to create baseball trading cards in the form of utility-focused NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To create this new fan connection, Rising Baseball Stars has partnered with the sports industry’s promising amateur baseball players to mint their personalized, virtual baseball cards as NFTs. The company’s membership offerings, to also be made available as NFTs, will enable investors to customize and enhance a host of collectible opportunities.

“We’re developing a baseball trading card ecosystem like no other,” Jared Gruccio, Rising Baseball Stars Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer said about his company. Gruccio explained that the first step in establishing this ecosystem will be the release of membership NFTs.

“Rising Baseball Stars is excited to be releasing three tiers of memberships, each with increasing priority status, exclusive benefits and valued opportunities to those who hold them,” he explained.

With increasing levels of exclusivity, the three tiers offered by Rising Baseball Stars include: MVP, Hall of Fame, and Triple Crown. Ken Pustizzi Jr., Co-founder and Executive Vice President for RBS explained, “In addition, each of our membership tiers offer real-world utility by way of prizes and experiences as well as governance rights within the RBS Ecosystem.”

“The investment experience we offer, for the experienced digital investor and/or baseball enthusiast,” Gruccio said, “promises to be unprecedented and affordable.”

“However, the most valuable of the membership perks for RBS members will be their exclusive access to purchase new player NFTs,” Gruccio asserted, “ RBS members will be able to mint any given Rising Baseball Star Player Card before the general public and even buy the most coveted new player cards or NFTs at a 25% discount. Plus, they get to purchase the NFTs three days in advance of a full RBS launch.”

The company’s founders touted the interactive governance offered by Rising Baseball Stars NFT to its members that allows membership holders to dictate the direction of the RBS platform. “Our members will be able to nominate the player candidates they most want to be added to the platform and eventually vote on whose baseball card NFTs should be minted,” Gruccio explained.

Membership benefits outside of the digital world, according to Pustizzi, include quarterly raffles where members will be eligible for bonus awards such as signed baseball memorabilia, suite game tickets and field passes including those for the World Series - All-Star games.

The company will be releasing three memberships on the Ethereum Blockchain, all with limited minting volumes and costs. “For example,” Pustizzi explained, “Our Triple Crown membership targets investors who want to guarantee their ability to buy the newest, most coveted player NFTs at the best possible price. While our MVP membership will be perfect for fans more interested in the opportunity to nominate amateur players to be added to our ecosystem.”

Limited Rising Baseball Stars membership NFTs will be available for purchase during a scheduled April 24 presale and the Public Launch within two weeks of that date. “While reserves may be held for future brand development, once all initial memberships are sold out, the only way to buy an RBS membership will be on the secondary market,” Pustizzi added.

Memberships will be offered at varied price points ranging from .1 to 2 in Ethereum. “These limited memberships offer a multitude of investment opportunities that appeal to the most serious members of the global baseball fan base as well as to those with a casual interest in baseball collectibles,” Pustizzi explained.

For more information, visit risingbaseballstarsnft.com, join RBS on Discord or follow Rising Baseball Stars on Twitter @RBstarsNFT, Instagram @risingbaseballstarsnft, and YouTube.

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