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April 04, 2023 – April 11, 2023





Redbrick is an open metaverse platform based on blockchain that allows users to freely create and play on the Redbrick Land. Redbrick provides a 3D Studio that anyone can easily create with and implements a C2E (Create to Earn) ecosystem where the value of creation is rewarded. “We build the new land of opportunity for brave creators”**

We aim to provide a new land of opportunity for brave creators, and to pursue a world where creators are recognized fairly for the value of their creations.

With Redbrick's 3D Studio, anyone can create their own World, Game, Asset, and Avatar with just an idea, without the need for programming, design, or publishing skills. Users can freely modify polygons in PC, tablet, and mobile web environments, and it also supports visual coding environment by introducing OOBC (Object Oriented Block Coding), a proprietary technology of Redbrick.

The UGC (User Generated Content) created in the 3D studio can be minted as NFTs within the Redbrick platform, guaranteeing the creators' ownership rights and allowing for free trading and earn revenue in the market. Additionally, the platform supports an advertising system where creators can post ads within the UGC for long-term and passive income, receiving fair compensation

By becoming a Redbrick Land NFT holder, you are given ownership of a specific interactive space 'Land', where you can host UGC and have special privileges in the Redbrick genovese.

Redbrick allows anyone to earn revenue, even if they are not creators or holders. By exploring lands and worlds, communicating with friends and contributing to the ecosystem, players will receive rewards.

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