Rebel Seals Club

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October 08, 2021 – October 15, 2021





The Rebel Seals Club, an animated series and a collection of 10,000 of some of the highest quality NFTs on the market, was conceived to bridge the crypto and non-crypto worlds.

In the conception of the Rebel Seals’ metaverse, our team of top-tier producers and creative writers sought to create a world paralleling our own. Seeking to familiarize the non-crypto-world with big names and standard terms, our fictional world is full of easter eggs, making learning about the everchanging crypto world more manageable.

Rebel Seal utility:

When purchasing a Rebel Seal NFT, you gain access to watch the series, co-create the show, and earn a chance to get your NFT featured in the series itself. Help educate people about crypto by helping make simple and engaging content. Rebel Seals can speed crypto adoption by making fun & exciting content to watch.

Rebel Seal exclusive community:

Every social group needs a filter. That’s why memberships, alliances, and unions exist. By purchasing Rebel Seals NFT, you will gain exclusive access to channels of like-minded people familiar with the NFT space and can share knowledge. For example, we are testing a news channel hypothesis where members with the role of “Accredited journalist” can post news and potentially earn revenue from promotions in the future.

We have a strong team and plan to roll out several products as the year goes on. Our head developer, who has worked on distinguished projects such as Near and the Polkadot Protocol, will also be helping design a Rebel Seals game in the future.

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