Rebel Ants Presale Goes Live

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October 31, 2022 – November 07, 2022





We are the little guys in the massive NFT world. Rebel Ants represent the artist, creator, or person learning about NFTs and crypto - those who want to be in the space, but don’t know where to start. If this sounds like you - then you belong in the Rebel Ants.

Owning a Rebel Ant will show you are rebelling against the “system” that is trying to take over the NFT world with their high barriers of entry.

‍We don’t even try to go over the walls, we dig tunnels underneath.

The beauty of a NFT is its open-source & creator-focused nature. The artist gets to control their own work, not a corporation. What’s sad is that some corporations are pushing artists out, trying to capitalize on their success or just plain taking down artists who are being paid well. 

Rebel Ants believes that having a successful NFT platform can be used as a powerful tool for good. Helping communities, charities, and artists, providing education and helping the crypto space move forward.

Rebel Ants was founded with an idea: to bring forward the resilience and strength of a community so they can achieve their personal and collective goals, no matter how small they or the  odds may be.

We chose Ants because they have a very powerful meaning.

  • They work together as a colony to achieve their goals
  • Ants are ecologically beneficial to the world 
  • They are uniquely strong and can carry between 10 and 50 times their own weight, some up to 100 times 
  • When they find food & resources, they work together to bring it back to the rest of the colony

Like ants, we want to share our resources with our colony - our community.

Rebel Ants will showcase a podcast, @RebelAntsRadio, of how things started, mistakes we’ve made along the way, and how they can progress through the evolution of this NFT project, along with other crypto and NFT news.

Whether you like it or not, Rebel Ants are here to stay.

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