Prisoner of the mind

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December 20, 2021 – December 27, 2021





Prisoner of the mind, is a neo-noir thriller 16 years in the making. It is set in the near future of New York, the unforgiving city. On the outside the city looks a little different. Buildings are taller, the sky is a little darker, technology is more advanced and machines have replaced some human workers. Nevertheless, people are the same inside, hungry, greedy, and deceitful.

Based on a Graphic Novel, each piece is a panel from the hand drawn artwork, digitally painted, and animated. Each piece features an original music score. This collection will be 100 unique black and white art except for the special editions in color. 1/1 only. None will ever be minted again. 

.001 $ETH floor price

100 Piece Collection first 9 minted for pre-sale.

1/1 Hand drawn

1-5 (.001eth - .01eth)

5-10 (.01eth and up)

10-20 (.035eth and up)

20+ (.1eth and up)

"It’s part Frank Miller meets Blade Runner and part Ralph Bakshi meets Eastman and Laird’s TMNT. As an Artist, Linder is fearless" ~ BEHIND THE PANELS

"An inspirational neo-noir Sci- Fi masterpiece" ~ Super Robot Mayhem

"It reminds me a lot of Blade Runner" ~ Elseworlds Podcast

"Dark and cool" ~ A Comic Book Look


Tags: #art

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