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March 02, 2023 – March 09, 2023







"iMate World" is an fresh NFT collection which is charged by powerful top-class AI algorithms. Owners can interact with the iMates they own in order to achieve various goals, whether personal or business-related (but not limited only by this - read further please). Each NFT is represented as a futuristic fauna representative. The collection is limited to 8888 items.

10 Intelligent NFTs of iMate World wil be distributed to those people who will fulfill conditions which can be found in Discord server. Check #nftcalendar-giveaway channel.

By default, each iMate has a specific profession in which they are an expert. This allows them to assist their owner in a chat (soon in messengers like Telegram) to achieve goals related to the iMate profession. For example, a "Marketing Professional" can be highly valuable in creating and promoting social media accounts, while a "Life Coach" can help the owner improve their life, and an "Economist" can improve the owner's financial situation. These are just a few examples of the possibilities that iMates offer immediately after they are minted.

In general, the possibilities of iMates will become stronger as AI evolves and will be limited only by imagination and the AI algorithms used by iMates.

The starting price for NFT is 20 MATIC, and the price increases by 1 MATIC every 10th iMate. The last minted NFT, with ID 8888, will cost 908 MATIC. This is a great chance for everybody who will join now to mint iMate at very cheap price.

Also anyone can promote the iMate collection and earn rewards for every iMate mint and energy purchase (from 15% to 40%). The promoter's address is attached to the NFT token ID during the minting process and cannot be changed afterward. This means that the promoters will receive their reward immediately on their address upon minting and will continue to receive rewards every time if someone purchases energy for the iMate (also immediate). Even if an iMate is transferred from one wallet to another, the promoters still will receive their rewards, as their addresses are attached to the token IDs.

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