PokerFace Art

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January 29, 2022 – February 05, 2022





Poker Face is PokerArt’s first customizable NFT project about avatars, limited to 10,000 rights of customization. Poker Face is different from other NFT projects, we don’t create any NFT, but we hand over paintbrushes, pigments, drawing boards, and templates over to you. You will be the creator and artist of your own NFT, deciding your favorite avatar features. Unlike Cryptopunks, Bayc, Doodles and other projects who completed the work before publishing, we have no clue about what final presentation of 10,000 Poker Face NFTs will be even after publishing. As every individual is unique and gifted in the world, every Poker Face NFT will be unique and rare in the Metaverse.

Tags: #art

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