The Ultimate Survivor

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022



The end of the world is here! Unfortunately, only 9.738 managed to survive in 8 communities + the first survivors that are spread across the globe. Be a survivor! Be the ultimate survivor!

Why should I be a survivor?

Real team, real names, amazing experience.

Because you want to be a survivor!

A survivor needs a survival kit, and you will get one, free shipping!

A chance to win one of the 30 eBikes after each community is minted.

Get a chance to win the ultimate Survival Truck worth $120.000.

Help Earth survive! Together we will decide which organizations that help fight global warming and pollution will get our donations.

80% of royalties fees go to you and other minters.

Listing on Open Sea after first survivors are minted.

You can get one of the Ultimate Survivors, only 27 in total and very unique.

4 talented artists have drawn characteristics so you can be a unique survivor.

Breeding: We should carry one and populate Earth.

Play-to-earn crypto game with the same theme, you get unique benefits and airdrops.

Don't miss the next NFT drops

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